10 Station-40+yard Elevated 3D Range

Texas Archery's premier, one of a kind, indoor 3D archery range.

There are 10 shooting stations that will test and hone your skills. Each station has multiple life sized 3D targets. All 10 stations are shooting to the targets from an elevated position. This range has 30 to 40 different Rinehart and McKenzie competition series targets set from 10 to 43 yards. So by the time you shoot at each station, you will have shot around 120 arrows.

This range, as well as all of our other ranges, is fully air conditioned with no rain, heat, humidity, or mosquitos to deal with and has plenty of spectator and shooter seating. There is also elevated balcony seating with the best seats in the house for watching the action.

Indoor Range
Three archers at the range
Archer in blue
Archer in camo